«SLED» the wall-mounted wardrobe takes its inspiration from the way items of clothing are treated in day-to-day use, when for instance a coat or jacket may be treated to the luxury of a coat hanger or perhaps just hung over the back of a chair. Here, shaped in bent solid wood, both principles are to be found, with a surprisingly slim cross-section but a convincing level of stability. Clarity, an air of weightlessness and casual elegance are the results, together with a hint of fresh air and snow, since the shape suggests the runners of a large sled. Two widths are available, and also two very different visual effects: in natural oiled oak or with an open-pore black paint finish. There are either 3 or 4 hooks on the back of the lower frame – practical and ideal for accessories.
Versions: Solid oak, either natural oiled or open-pore black paint finish.
Hooks: solid oak.

(W/H/D): 500 or 800 x 735 x 335mm
oak, black stained oak
pictures: © Schönbuch, Daniel Breidt